Sprong Cat toys

So I should have warned  you earlier, but I am a little crazy about my cat. I love spoiling her but I don’t love how many toys she has and won’t play with. On a recent trip to Petco, I countered this desire to buy all the toys by buying a bunch for the local animal shelter and picking just one toy for my kitten Audrey. I got this toy.

Sprong cat toy

Sprong cat toy

Its called the Sprong. It is catnip infused, velvet covered, squishy, bouncy and has these funky bumps on the side to make it move unpredictably. Audrey LOVES it. I’ve never seen her this excited for a cat toy. She has not stopped batting it around, chirping and bringing it to us. I can’t find anything on line to get a better photo than this hairy mess above, but let me assure you – it is worth the $6 it costs. She won’t leave it alone! Even when I tried to get this photo Audrey was batting it off my laptop.

Audrey with her Sprong toy

Audrey with her Sprong toy

Audrey with her Sprong toy

Audrey with her Sprong toy

So there it is! Today the thing that made me happy is the same thing that is making my cat happy – the Sprong toy.


11 thoughts on “Sprong Cat toys

  1. If anyone finds somewhere to buy this online please let me know! Mulligan got his “boing-boing” in one of those Christmas stocking pet packs and he fetches and retrieves it like a dog. He also likes to bathe it in his water bowl. He and I will both be devastated should the day come when boing-boing disappears or falls apart so we need replacements!

  2. Do you know where I can get this toy now? Our Luna loves it and she’s lost it and she’s devastated. All the links don’t work anymore since it’s been 2-3 years. Please help if you can.

  3. Hi! I too have a cat who will play with nothing else. This is the toy we call boing boing. A few years back I could not find it anywhere so I sent an email to the company that manufactures it R2Pet – in response they sent me four sets of them!

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